Something to Keep in Mind in Light of Trump’s Just-Concluded Paranoid Rant

How’d that turn out, #MrRapey?

A Vote for Trump is a Vote for Eugenics

I hereby declare all enforcement of Godwin’s Law to be suspended until at least November 8th.

Three Questions (Plus One)

(1) Mr. Trump, while the ‘stop and frisk’ policy was in effect in New York City, were you ever stopped on the street and frisked?

(2) Were any members of your immediate family?

(3) Do you actually personally know any white people who were?

(4) Will you name them in order for you to be fact-checked?

If Lester ‘registered Republican’ Holt does not ask these questions of Deplorable Donald Trump at the debate Monday – before any others – then Holt should be fired.


Apparently, under a Trump Administration, Texas will be Florida.


Unfortunately, there was just a teensy problem. That photo was not of the Pensacola rally. In fact, it wasn’t even in Florida.  Legendary former news commentator Keith Olbermann was among the many, many people who rushed to point out the obvious lie.

The photo in your tweet about Deplorable Dad’s Pensacola speech shows the Dallas Mavs’ arena

You’re dumber than he is.


and deplorable-er.

The Donald Trump Story


Petition the Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary to Make “Brock Turner” an Official Synonym for “Privilege”

Brock Turner

Just a suggestion.

Editing Pro-Privilege Propaganda into Facts

Turner Facts