I’ve Been Making the Same Argument About Attorneys for Payday Lenders for Quite Some Time

Michelangelo Signorile at HuffPo:

I’m really getting tired of companies, politicians, donors and other entities using their support of LGBT rights — something much easier to do these days — as a way to pose as progressive, often as a PR move to blunt criticism of a bad record or even nefarious actions. And it’s time that LGBT activists stop letting them get away with it. At this point, many of these entities need us more than we need them. Let’s demand more.

The latest is Burger King, which only weeks ago unveiled “The Proud Whopper” to support LGBT pride — receiving accolades from many LGBT activists — but now is fleeing to Canada, buying up Tim Hortons, following other American companies engaged in so-called tax inversions, all to avoid paying U.S. taxes. Who cares if Burger King wraps its Whopper in the rainbow if the company is hurting the American economy, American taxpayers and American workers, including LGBT workers?

And who cares if you claim to care about women when your job is a form of financial vampirism that harms more women (and children and men) each day than all of the harm that transsexuals in the world combined could have ever possibly done to women throughout the entirety of history even if every TERF-manufactured lie about trans women was true?

On the other hand…

I can think of one law firm that every trans woman in (or outside of for that matter) Maryland – well, any trans woman who possesses any skill that might give one reasonable cause to send a resume to a law firm – should send her resume to on October 1st.

Always follow the money…

and the bugs.

Memo to New York, New Hampshire and Wisconsin



Where are all of the people who were pushing HB235 back in 2011?

Shmuck Dynasty (Or: Everything That’s Moldy is Gnu Again)

From the Houston City Council earlier this week:

This should be the only – and relentless – line of questioning whenever a christofascist demands a special right to discriminate against LGBs and Ts based on religion.  Ask – and continue to ask – if the asserter believes that he/she/it has that same right to discriminate against Jews if being non-christian is as offensive to them as being Teh Gay.



its the concrete hair that’s offensive to me.

But I digress…

all the way back to 1983.

The Houston City Council member who forced the concrete-hair-oid to eat a fistful of logic is Ellen Cohen.  Coincidentally, the reality-based legislator in this next example is also named Cohen – in this case, Richard.  He’s currently in the Minnesota Senate but in 1983 he was in the House…

when a christofascist named Arthur Owens decided to testify against that year’s (trans-inclusive) gay rights bill.  Owens was, at the time, on the short end of multiple lawsuits against health clubs he owned – for, among other things, the ‘Rules for Sodomites’ signs that he hung in some of the clubs.  Those suits were under the already-LGBT-inclusive Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance; other suits, brought under the not-yet-LGBT-inclusive state civil rights law, involved, essentially, him deciding that the presence of non-males and non-Christians among his employees offended his christianist sensibilities.

With that in mind, lets visit the Minnesota House Judiciary Committee, in session approximately 31 years ago:

Rep. Cohen: “Mr. Chairman, Sir, If I’m not mistaken, aren’t you the individual or wasn’t it your business that there was considerable amount of publicity about in regard to employment practices that were found by some people to be discriminatory that had nothing to do with homosexuality?”

Mr. Owens: “Yes, sir.”

Rep. Cohen: “Mr., Chairman, if I may, what, as I understand it, people, who didn’t fit your concept of Christianity, they couldn’t be retained as employees.”

Mr. Owens: “No, sir, that is incorrect. Let me make a statement on that. We will not knowingly hire anybody that is antagonistic to the Gospel. We will not knowingly hire anybody that is actively involved in an immoral situation, and we will not as far as our business is concerned, and I think that you have probably been influenced by the paper reports, where most of our complaints have been of a religious nature, it turns out to be a attitudinal problem, not of religious nature.”

Rep. Cohen: “Mr. Chairman, which Gospel is that?”

Mr. Owens: “What do you mean, sir, which Gospel is that?”

Rep. Vanesek: “We seem to be drifting. . .”

Rep. Cohen: “Mr. Chairman, it will take a minute…. You indicated that if you were not, if you didn’t have a certain belief in the Gospel, I assume that’s what, the New Testament?”

Mr. Owens: “That’s the whole Bible – 66 books, all woven together into one book – written by some 40 authors over some 1400 years with one author.”

Rep. Cohen: “Mr. Chairman, I guess when we talk about the Old versus the New Testament, I don’t accept the New Testament as my Gospel, because I happen to be Jewish. Does that mean that I couldn’t be employed by you?”

Mr. Owens: “No sir, but if you were antagonistic to Christ as the Messiah, and you openly professed this, and became a problem within our company, you could not be hired by us. If you were not openly antagonistic, you could be hired by us, just so you know where we’re coming from.”

Rep. Cohen: “Mr. Chairman, just for the record, Jews do not believe that Christ is the Messiah. I’m not antagonistic toward that belief if others hold it, but it’s not my belief.”

Mr. Owens: “I realize, sir, that when you say Jews you’re trying to say that all the Jews. Remember that Jesus was a Jew, salvation comes from the Jews, all our first disciples, apostles, were Jews, and so we have to realize that there’s a difference between the Jews, and those that hold to the belief of Abraham, father Abraham in faith. So there is a difference. Many completed Jews today are professing Jesus Christ, and there is a very active movement to try to reach the Jewish community with the truth.”

Dana International is a completed Jew – but it wasn’t her Jewish religious beliefs that ever needed completing (if that needs an explanation, I have to ask: Why are you reading ENDABlog2?)

I’m just sayin’ – and occasionally antagonizin’….

I Wonder if He’ll Turn Away the Preumptive 2014 Texas Republican Gubernatorial Nominee

One christianist psychopath:


Another christianist psychopath:


Attorney General Greg Abbott told a San Antonio radio station he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the newly passed San Antonio nondiscrimination ordinance. Abbott announced last month he is running for governor.

Just sayin’.

…and Then He Threatened to Kill a Reporter on Live Television


A new House Republican has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act as LGBT advocates continue to push for a vote in the Republican-controlled chamber, the Washington Blade has learned.

Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.), who represents Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn in Congress, elected to co-sponsor the bill Monday, according to sources familiar with the legislation.

I wonder of NY1 reported on Grimm’s ENDA co-sponsorship?

Sockpuppet Alert

In the comments section at a Baltimore Sun piece on the possibility in 2014 of rectifying Maryland’s 2001 law giving non-trans people the special right to discriminate against trans people:


I encourage ENDABlog 2.0 readers to think about whether or not that wording seems more likely to have actually come from a ‘Patrick’ or from a vomitous bug

or perhaps an alleged gay man allegedly named “Vic”

or perhaps even from an alleged 70-year-old woman who allegedly lives in North York, Ontario and allegedly had an encounter with a trans woman at a Toronto-area Y some unspecified number of years ago.

Says the Head of an Alleged LGBT Organization That, in 33 Years, Has Employed 3 1/2 Trans People, Only One of Whom Was a Trans Woman

Queer Channel Media quoting the head of the organization which, in contrast to its spin and lies, actively opposed a trans-inclusive ENDA in 2007:

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said the Senate made history “by standing up for a fundamental American truth.”

“Each and every American worker should be judged based on the work they do, and never based on who they are,” Griffin said.

Kinda conveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenient that trans women simply are never (Allyson Robinson = de facto never) allowed to do relevant policy work for Gay, Inc., as their means of gainful employment, eh?