On a day when Maryland (pending gubernatorial approval and no TERF-financed repeal effort, of course) finally takes away the special right of non-trans LGB Marylanders to discriminate against trans Marylanders….


….this is the lead ‘LGBT’ item from The John.

The irony here is that Maryland did it the way that The John feels is the only way possible – you know, giving every right imaginable to non-trans LGBs while leaving the trans community swinging from the political poplar tree for a decade or more before finally forcing non-trans LGBs to live with the indignity of knowing the trans people are their equals.

DC-Based, Non-Trans White Gay Guy Who Thinks No Gays Have Ever Gotten Rich Off of (Trans-Erasive) Gay Activism Gaysplains How African-American Trans Woman Janet Mock is Just Too Uppity for Polite Company

From, of course, The John:


Decide for yourself whether The John should be vilified for having his site set up to where a paid ad like that could (even if randomly) end up overshadowing an image of Janet Mock (or anyone else for that matter.)

I just watched Morgan’s 15-minute interview with Mock, which I’ve posted below, and it was easily the most pro-transgender interview that I’ve ever seen.

Well, I’m sure he considers AmericaBlog to be pro-transgender as well – so we know what The John’s expert opinion is worth.

Naturally, The John’s Bleech Chorus of we-who-know-how-things-must-be-because-we-say-we’re-the-ones-who-know-how-things-must-be was all orgasmic at the thought of being able to fill up another comments section at The John’s site with gems such as this one:

Not sure what there is to see here other than she’s trying to sensationalize herself and sell books.

Because no non-trans gay man or lesbian has eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever done that, eh?

So…What Does Kyle Tasker Think of ‘Affluenza’?

As a follow-up to the introduction of the murderous, drunken rich brat from Texas who the Republicans will nominate for the presidency as soon as said murderous, drunken rich brat from Texas turns 35, we have a law-n-order New Hampshire Republican:

Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Nottingham) is one of the sponsors of HB 1442, which would allow circuit and superior courts to establish mental health courts. Those courts could lead to treatment for mentally ill, nonviolent offenders rather than incarceration.

But on a Facebook post from Feb. 2 and 3, Tasker commented that “[t]he idea that being crazy is a shield against the full force of the justice system is laughable.”

“Crazy people need to face consequences equal or greater than everyone else,” Tasker wrote.

So, Kyle….

Are rich (presumably Republican-spawned) white kids who kill people and blame it on how hard they had it in life because of being so obnoxiously rich “crazy” and in need of “consequences equal or greater than everyone else”?

The 99% want to know.


Memo to the Pacific ‘Justice’ Institute

From Raw Story:

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday struggled to understand why homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness, but said that he approved of gender reassignment surgery.

“Now I understand and I’ve mentioned on this program that people that need a sex change operation — in other words, it’s a woman that’s trapped in a man’s body, a man trapped in a woman’s body — and they really need some hormones and surgery to get the thing lined up, that’s one thing,” he opined. “But this other — many, many people are into this [homosexual] lifestyle because they have been abused as a child and so forth.”

CC to all of the permanently-employed, activism-class Gay, Inc. elitists who get sexual thrills out of preaching ‘incremental progress’ to trans people but who never in 40+ years made any effort to weave the ‘political reality’ (ever heard of that phrase?  St. Barney loved it) that a significant number of heterosexuals are far more homophobic than they are or ever will be (at least until bathroom-meme-mongers like Barney Frank get through with them) transphobic into a fully-inclusive strategy for securing anti-discrimination protections – a strategy that would not give you an excuse to get sexual thrills out of preaching ‘incremental progress’ to trans people.

You know who you are.

And so do we.

We can tell by the number of digits in your salary – and the number of years you’ve never had to worry about getting at least the same amount next year.

Funny How No One Blinks When a Gay, Inc.-oid Says He Can’t Understand How a Trans Person Would Vote Against Gay Marriage, eh?

Well, again, it isn’t really.

Yet, it sadly is believable that a Gay, Inc.-oid would say this – not exclusively referring to trans people but neverthless being (faux?) inclusive:

Hawaii state Rep. Jo Jordan (D) may have made history with her vote on the marriage equality bill. Jordan, who is openly lesbian, voted against the bill on the House floor on Wednesday. According to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, this makes her the first known openly gay lawmaker to vote against marriage equality.

Denis Dison, senior vice president at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, confirmed to ThinkProgress that there is no prior known example of an openly gay lawmaker casting a vote against marriage equality. The Victory Fund lists Jordan on its website, but he noted that she has not ever attended one of the group’s candidate trainings nor earned its endorsement. Reacting to her vote, Dison said, “It’s hard to understand how a member of the LGBT community could vote against the simple freedom to marry the person they love.”

Uh huh.


Has the Gay & Lesbian (and…?  and…?) Victory Fund – or anyone connected to it – expressed this level of disbelief and or outrage when “a member of the LGBT community” who might happen to (1) be a politician that it has endorsed and (2) be L, G or B but not T might also happen to vote against the simple freedom of trans people to be able to participate in the economy by not being subject to employment discrimination?

You know…

like, at Tammy Baldwin and St. Barney in 2007?

Remember folks, don’t be fooled by 2013 Senate votes claiming to bear gifts.  If its Gay, Inc., it is still all gay marriage, all the time.

Irony, Much?

I’m watching CSPAN this afternoon…

and the 51st vote in the Senate for the trans-inclusive ENDA (you know, the type that St. Barney spent the majority of his legislative career saying was making impossible) was cast by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen…

of New Hampshire…

you know….

one of the states that still statutorily allows its non-trans LGBs to discriminate against trans people.

I just thought I’d point that out to all of the trans people in New Hampshire who work at – or are trying to find jobs at – businesses that employ fewer than 15 people.