Woodchucks have more legal protections than transgender individuals

In New York, yes…



12 1/2 years later…

Because what is next is never us.

Remember When the Washington Blade Finally Decided to Cover the HRC Internal Report?


You don’t.

And there’s a reason for that.

Let Me Tell You About My Least Favorite Episode of ‘Modern Family’

Considering how the series is already in syndication saturation – locally as well as on cable networks – I presume anyone who watches the series has probably seen it, but…

Claire Dunphy spends most of the episode being viciously berated (dare I say mentally abused?) by her family for refusing to accept their declarations that she’s wrong – when she’s actually right.

How so?

She and her doofus husband are at a grocery store.  While oogling another woman at the grocery store, the doofus husband leans backward against their shopping cart, pushing it against Claire, in turn pushing her into a shelf which causes her – and a buttload of food – to fall.

The doofus husband immediately declares himself to be blameless: He did nothing and hapless Claire fell into the food on her own.

He says it so it must be true, right?

Claire protests, but the doofus husband repeats his he-said-it-first-therefore-it-can’t-be-challenged declaration and then pulls out every loudmouthed (wrong) bully’s trump card: ‘Why do you always feel like have to be right? Just let it go!

I forget if that was the exact quote – but you get the idea.  That was definitely the substance.

And it was repeated – not just but by the doofus husband but also by her children (and not just the two doofus ones but also the genius.)

But Claire doesn’t let it go.

Eventually we learn that Claire went to the trouble of obtaining evidence that could probably even get a Texas criminal conviction overturned: a security camera video from the grocery store showing that, indeed, doofus husband was oogling another woman and, in the process, leaned onto the grocery cart, pushing it into Claire and Claire into the food.

And what is Claire’s reward for producing irrefutable proof that she’s innocent – and that her doofus husband is guilty?

The doofus husband and the rest of her family berate her even more – even going so far as to brand her as being sick – for having the temerity to not let it go.

The moral of that story from that episode of the officially-approved gay-marriage-friendly sitcom?

Bend over, take it and don’t complain – especially if you are actually the one who is right, doubly so if you are able to prove it – or risk, well, you know….

Keep that in mind when you encounter trans people refusing to let it go regarding not just the report that proved true everything we’ve been saying about HRC for two decades but also the media outlets that continue to refuse to talk about it.

Interesting That This Would be Published by a Rag That Still Hasn’t Given Any Coverage to the Report That Proved the ‘Queer Revolution[airies]’ Were Right About HRC

Yes, the ‘queer revolution’ lost, and we’re the reason

And the corporate gay history revision begins….

LGB…, LGB…, LGB……….What?


No, I’m not complaining ThaT Judy Shepherd is There.

RaTher, I’m simply wondering wheTher anyone from Gwen Araujo’s family was asked To be There.

Don’t Pretend its Just HRC

When they say strong…


…they must mean strong odor.


One rule of life is: If you ever find yourself about to say “Do you know who I am?”, don’t.  You’re probably not as important as you think you are.

But as with all rules there are exceptions that prove it.

I thought the only exception to this was when Jerry Seinfeld was on Larry King Live a few years back and had to genuinely ask King if he knew who Seinfeld was because, based on some of the things King was saying, it really seemed as it King didn’t.  (Yes, Seinfeld has been a jerk lately re: PC-ness, but c’mon.  Everyone does know who he is.)

Now we have another exception.

Sure some people somewhere might now know who Mia Macy is and that’s fine – but some people aren’t the people who put on Portland, Oregon’s Pride festival, using Mia Macy in advertising such.

And now, the seemingly unrelated – yet ever-so-relevant – money shot:


Yes, the sockpuppet lives…

and just as cluelessly as ever.

Still No Queer Channel Media Coverage of the HRC Internal Report, But…

…plenty of ‘woe is me’ from the ‘I’ve got what I want, so why can’t the rest of you shut up?’ crowd:

Don’t look left during Pride, it’ll ruin the celebration

At least two things are almost certain to occur in the run-up to D.C.’s 40th annual LGBT Capital Pride celebration this weekend. You’re going to see one-too-many rainbow feather boas and the predictable dissident lament about how the whole gay rights thing has turned out will rear its head as if set on a timer.

The latter has already occurred.

Washington City Paper arts editor Christina Cauterucci last week penned a feature piece in the weekly publication’s annual Gay Issue harshly criticizing the “commercialization” of the local Pride celebration, titled “Swallow Your Pride.” If you can wade through the proffered “queer”-obsessed, lingo-laden and polemical condemnation of both the Saturday evening parade and Sunday daylong festival you will also find my voice offering more history and less histrionics. Be forewarned, however, that Cauterucci’s obsession with radical sloganeering and extremist terminology may require the assistance of an open browser to define trendy terms like “cismen” for the uninitiated.

On the any-moment verge of what is widely anticipated to be a Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide, some still whine that the astonishingly accelerated advancement of civil equality for lesbians and gays hasn’t included our rejection of mainstream culture and the demise of capitalism.


We’re wondering how a Gay, Inc. that used ‘trans people are such a too small a percentage of the community to waste time on’ rationalized ramrodding the wants of an even smaller group of people – those LGBs who have the specific desire of a career in the military – ahead of the needs of all trans people.

We’re wondering how the same Gay, Inc. also decided that math didn’t matter when it came to flushing the basic anti-discrimination-centric civil rights needs of all LGBT individuals in favor of the wants of what, by definition, is a smaller group of people: those LGBT individuals who are also parts of couples.

We’re also wondering which of the byline names currently in use at Queer Channel Media is actually a nom de Gay, Inc. of Chris Crain.

We’re also wondering how many LGBs who get what they want from what they presume that the U.S. Supreme Court will do in a few weeks will, as married people who have gotten what they want from the civil rights movement, will go about their A-Gay lives by discriminating against not just trans people but also non-A-Gay-ish LGBs – and by donating as much money as they can to Ted Cruz, Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee.

Ignoring LGBT distinction as a disproportionate demographic of entrepreneurs and both business creators and leadership is also to deny part of our own heritage.

My advice this weekend: Don’t look left during Pride, it’ll ruin the celebration.

I’m looking left – and what I don’t see is any coverage by “America’s Leading Gay News Source”…


…of one particularly damning report exposing the bigoted, discriminatory, reality of one particular gay business that cares nothing about anything other than gay marriage.


Looks like a mention of the report slipped past the goaltender:

Yes, many of our civil rights organizations were/are funded by wealthy white men. That is slowly changing but not fast enough. We don’t want wealthy white men to stop giving their money but need them to recognize that wealth shouldn’t be the only criteria when it comes to the leadership of the groups. For years the Human Rights Campaign was called the Human Rights Champagne Fund. In its latest internal review, which they commissioned, there is still a long way to go to ensure diversity and equal opportunity in the organization.

That’s kinda like calling World War II a kerfuffle.