And the Withdrawal Will be Robust!

Due to “Administration-Related Changes,” the EEOC May Withdraw From a Trans Rights Case

What say you, Caitlyn?



The Silence of The Quisling

From the Facebook page of The Quisling…



…as of a few minutes ago.

The 2016 Election Has Not Even Happened Yet, But 2017 Is Already 2007: The Next Generation

For in 2017, Gay, Inc. will have its trans Robert Traynham:

“Incrementalism is how policy gets done while other people are whining about incrementalism,” she told BuzzFeed News. “We have made it an have made an article faith over the past few years that if a bill lacks public accommodations, it’s useless. That’s not true.”

Actually, given the degree to which “she” is saying something isn’t true that all functioning brains know to be true, it looks more like Gay, Inc. will have its own Kellyanne Conway and trans Robert Traynham all rolled up into one.

Who is “she”?

Who can sell out her community in a single soundbite?

Who can act commit apologism for Gay, Inc’s genocidal anti-trans woman hiring policies with a single e-mail?

But one of the country’s leading transgender advocates, Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, says that if they want to help transgender people in Pennsylvania, they need to embrace the protections transgender people can get in housing and employment.

But you already knew that, right?



The Human Right Scampaign has never substantively answered for its decades of transphobia, so I’m not really sure its in much of a position to call out Pence the christian reconstructionist.

See if You Can Spot the Problem

Currently appearing at…


…one can find:


The title of the article is not problematic.

But take a look at the car.

“Gay” appears on it at least five times – and one of those is for the specific line-item that has pushed the employment discrimination concerns of all LGBT people beyond the back burner and off of the stove entirely…

a specific line-item which, interestingly, as recognized via Supreme Court authority is one of the few things not directly touched by North Carolina’s HB2.

And as for T?

Well, lets just say I’m not feelin’ the love from the “Alternative Lifestyles” residuum.

A Tale of Two HRCs

HRC professes to care about trans women living in North Carolina under HB2.


The internal assessment about how HRC treats its own employees (the ‘Pipeline Report’) suggests that maybe it should be getting its own house in order before telling anyone else how to do anything.


Trans people – including all of us who were blacklisted throughout the civil rights arena by HRC – are still waiting for Chad Griffin to list specific HRC transgressions (“mistakes” is as abstract as Picasso and “underrepresented or unrepresented” doesn’t begin to detail how) that he was apologizing to the trans community for.

Brought to You By Queer Channel Media (With a Little Amnesia on the Side)


While much attention is being focused on Baltimore’s mayoral and City Council contests, another important race is taking place that impacts the city’s LGBT community. Six sitting judges on the Circuit Court, running as a slate, are seeking election for a term of 15 years. Their names will be on the ballot on April 26. They preside over the different cases that come to Circuit Court, including criminal, civil, family (divorce, child custody, adoptions) and juvenile.

Two of these judges are out lesbians: Shannon E. Avery and Audrey J.S. Carrión. The other four — Michael DiPietro, Karen C. Friedman, Wanda Keyes Heard and Cynthia H. Jones — have also demonstrated fairness toward LGBT Marylanders.

And, fifteen years ago:


And, almost fifteen years ago:


I wonder how many trans people in Maryland did not have a home to go to in 2001.