Perhaps She Should Have Called Herself Rosa Parks, III

Maybe then HRC would have been less inclined to make the 2014 Maine senate race into the 1998 New York senate race: The Next Generation.

Or not.

From Crooks and Liars:

They say that no good deed goes unpunished and nothing illustrates the truth of that old trope more vividly that the Human Rights Campaign endorsing Maine Senator Susan Collins over her Democratic opponent, the stalwart defender of human rights and civil liberties, Shenna Bellows. It wasn’t the first time Republicans have been unjustly rewarded with endorsements from national liberal organizations, unfortunately. But there are few Republicans who have been more lauded by people for whom she has consistently done so little than the bucket of lukewarm water known as Susan Collins.

This endorsement was particularly galling. Shenna Bellows is not just another Democrat who supports marriage equality. She has devoted her life to expanding civil rights and civil liberties.

Hey Shenna!

Want to really see what sort of scumbags the permanently-employed mushrooms of the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspoop really are?  Submit your resume to HRC and say – or even imply – that you’re a trans woman. (If you try this, call a bookie and see if you can get odds onjust how quickly your resume will find its way into the garbage can.)

In her capacity as the Director of the Maine ACLU she helped lead the way for marriage equality in Maine and was instrumental in getting the Maine Human Rights Act passed.

See, there’s your other problem Shenna.  You helped enact a trans-inclusive state civil rights law that did not need ‘incremental progress’ to come into being.


A Real Feminist Blog Really Worth Reading

Recently brought to my attention – Lachrista Greco:

By telling a transwoman that she/ze is not a woman, this is denying their existence. How would it feel for someone to deny your existence? I can’t pretend to know what my trans brothers and sisters go through on a day-to-day basis, but I can have compassion for them (and others) who deal with varying levels of oppression each and every minute.

For me, feminism is not about hatred–it’s about unlearning and relearning. It’s about action and activism. It’s about love.

Brought to You Today By the Letters ‘F’ and ‘U’


From the Houston Chronk:

State election officials repeatedly and mistakenly matched active longtime Texas voters to deceased strangers across the country – some of whom perished more than a decade ago – in an error-ridden effort to purge dead voters just weeks before the presidential election, according to a Houston Chronicle review of records.

Voters in legislative districts across Texas with heavy concentrations of Hispanics or African-Americans were more often targeted in that flawed purge effort, according the Chronicle’s analysis of more than 68,000 voters identified as possibly dead.

It’s unclear why so many more matches were generated in some minority legislative districts.

Its only unclear if you’re a conservative newspaper who has endorsed Mitt Romney….

like the Houston Chronk.

What Good is a Gay Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives?


Braying Windows:

Bay Windows Endorsements 2012

U.S Congress, Sixth District
Richard Tisei

Tisei is Republican; the incumbent is a Democrat.

Should Tisei win and the party breakdown of the House in 2013 turn out to be 218-217 in favor of Republicans, who will Tisei side with in picking the House leadership?  We all know that it will be Republicans, which means the Boner-Cantor Axis – meaning that the anti-LGBT, anti-science, anti-99% agenda will be the only agenda whose bills ever see the light of day.

Tisei may or may not actually be a ‘good Republican’, but here its not simply the goodness and/or badness of the individual that matters – its the nature of how the institution works.  A vote for the Republican leadership team from the best Republican in the world at House leadership formation time is no different than a vote from Michele Bachmann or Marsha Blackburn: Its a vote for the anti-constitutionist, anti-reality neo-fascist desires of The Party of Rape d/b/a the Republican Party.

A vote for Richard Tisei in Massachusetts is a vote for Bachmann, Blackburn, Steve King, Darrell Issa and every other christianist psychopath who will make up the Republican caucus of 2013 – be it the majority or the minority.

Vanesssa Edwards Foster for Congress