Lets Keep Our Eye on the Ball, Folks: THIS is the REAL Enemy’s Ultimate Goal

From the Houston Chronk:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated the Lone Star State on June 3, 2017, joining a call to hold a constitutional convention to rewrite the work of the United States’ Founding Fathers. The legislature joined 11 other states in passing a resolution calling for a “Convention of the States.”


Wasn’t “The Counseling of Kellyanne” a Porn Flick?

White House: Kellyanne Conway ‘counseled’ for plugging Ivanka Trump line


Savannah, perhaps?

The Five Horses Asses of the Apocalypse



Chuck Schumer is Running for Re-Election This Year

So, c’mom HRC

Its not too late to endorse Al D’Amato.

You know…

for old time’s sake.

The Donald Trump Story


I Will Always Refer to the Houston Rockets’ Former Arena as “The Summit”

I Still Call it the Summit

…and for good reason.

Memo to Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz

I’ll keep my bathroom usage at home when you keep your religion at home.