The Party that Prays Together Preys Together




Lets Keep Our Eye on the Ball, Folks: THIS is the REAL Enemy’s Ultimate Goal

From the Houston Chronk:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott celebrated the Lone Star State on June 3, 2017, joining a call to hold a constitutional convention to rewrite the work of the United States’ Founding Fathers. The legislature joined 11 other states in passing a resolution calling for a “Convention of the States.”

The Christianist Sex Police Should Already Be Co-Sponsors of This – Why Aren’t They?


But HER E-Mails….


All of the Analysis of White Supremacist, Christianist Hypocrisy that is Really Necessary



In the Immortal Words of Brigadier General Taylor…


THAT’S funny!

Fun Lawsuit Time!

Here’s a┬ásuggestion: Students at Liberty ‘University’ should sue Jerry Falwell, Jr., et. al, on a breach of contract theory.

Jerry Falwell, Jr., et. al, represent the ‘University’ as christian…


…in turn implying that graduation therefrom will allow graduates to have a degree from a ‘christian university,’ thereby signifying a ‘christian education.’

Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s embrace of sexual assault via #MrRapey should allow a reasonable finder of fact to conclude that the Liberty ‘University’ brand, whatever it may truly be (Champion for Trump, er…., Christ), has been sufficiently tarnished so as to deprive all who have shelled out money for tuition at the ‘University’ of their reasonable expectation of being able to go out into the world to represent themselves as graduates of a ‘christian university.’