Gee, Pat…I Wonder How the ‘States Rights’ Folks in North Carolina Feel About That

From the Charlotte Observer:

Poor Pat. He finds himself in the middle of a firestorm of his own making and doesn’t know how to get out of it. He’s so unsure of himself that he plants his own questions and runs from the media at a crucial time.

McCrory called me an hour after the lunch. In that conversation and at the event, it seemed McCrory is tortured by HB2 and its fallout. He aggressively defends it, but also tiptoes toward a conciliatory stance.

For example, he told me, “I strongly disagree with anyone being fired or not hired based on sexual orientation.” But he said it’s Congress’s job, not North Carolina’s or Charlotte’s, to make that law.

He told me Congress should pass a civil rights law that extends protections to gays. Pressed on whether he was saying gays do deserve legal protection, McCrory took a half-step back: “I wish the federal government would have this discussion.”

Then why don’t you – a Republican – tell Paul ‘Eddie Munster, Jr.’ Ryan and Mitch ‘Chin? What Chin?’ McConnell to whip their Republican congressional majorities into line to pass such a bill?

The sad thing is…

This isn’t the most ridiculous thing One Term Pat did that day.

Speakers at Hood Hargett Breakfast Club events routinely take questions from the floor. McCrory required that all questions be submitted in advance in writing.

When the moderator asked how to get started, McCrory said, “Anything you like. No filter here.” Sure, who needs a filter when you posed the questions yourself?

When I tried to ask McCrory a question, the filter went up. “We’ve got three Observer questions answered already. I think you guys dominate the news enough.”

Of course, those weren’t Observer questions. They were softballs from his staff about what he wanted to do with his next term; how he wanted to reduce the state’s rape kit backlog; and how the state crime lab performed under McCrory’s opponent, Roy Cooper.

Stated differently: McCrory committed defamation against the Charlotte Observer.

I wonder how Donald ‘Little Hands’ Trump, who is sooooooooo itching to be able to sue the media under legal precedents that don’t exist yet but which Justice Peter Thiel undoubtedly will create for him, would feel about this working in both directions?

You know…

Journalists being able to sue politicians who defame said journalists?

I wonder what the Boy Named Sue-er has to lie, er…, say about that.

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