Better a Thick Accent than a Thick Head

From Mediaite:

Lots of people, even many many conservatives, loved the patriotism that came from the mouth of Khizr Khan at the DNC tonight, but not Ann Coulter.

That was her big takeaway from a speech from the father of a deceased soldier. “Angry Muslim with a thick accent.”

At some point, Coultergeist – a childless, never-married, 54-year-old pusher of the political party that desires government to enforce certain christians’ notion of ‘traditional family values’ against the entirety of the populace with the power of the sword – is going to belch out something that will actually justify all of the transphobic slurs that get hurled at her.

I don’t think this is yet it – but the distance between her and that point can now be measured only in microns.

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