There is no ‘T’ in ‘Clergy’

A certain right-wing extremist with a media platform is having yet another hissy fit.

Glenn Beck kicked off his radio program today by reacting to the announcement by Hershey Park that its guests and employees are allowed to use the restrooms that match the gender with which they identify by declaring that the next step will be the normalization of pedophilia.

“If you don’t stand up now,” Beck declared, “I guarantee you the next thing that will be mainstreamed” will be pedophilia.

The push for transgender equality is “not normal,” Beck insisted, unlike the fight for gay marriage, which was something he claimed that the American public would have accepted within the next few years on its own. “Transgender bathrooms have come out of nowhere,” he stated….

Okay, I get that my alphabet-play doesn’t go all that far.

There is a ‘t’ in ‘priest.’

And in ‘senator.’

But, to be fair, there isn’t one in ‘Duggar‘!

Now, as to what the certain right-wing extremist with a media platform had to say…

The trans bathroom issue has come out of nowhere?


Goins v West

I think that case needs no introduction or exposition.

But what about this one?

sommers1 sommers2

That was one of the initial complaint forms in Sommers v. Iowa Civil Rights Commission.  What to guess how it turned out?

Hint: The Iowa Supreme Court got a hold of the case two dozen years before the Iowa Legislature added “gender identity” to the Iowa Civil Rights Act.

Now, here’s one that was old enough to be used against Audra Sommers:

holloway1 holloway2 holloway3

Not enough detail?  This is from Arthur Andersen’s brief to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals:


So here, in addition to a case in which a court essentially ignored the existence of the earliest statewide trans rights law, we have two of the earliest major trans (non-)right cases.  Together with Ulane v. Eastern Airlines they (technically, Sommers’ federal case rather than her state case, though they emerged from the same set of facts) formed the robust anti-trans triumvirate that closed the federal courts to trans people while Gay, Inc., was closing Gay, Inc. to trans people.

Speaking of Gay, Inc.. what was going on over at the Advocate while Ramona Holloway was just trying to keep a job that she had more than proven herself capable and worthy of?


There’s a ‘t’ in ‘Goodstein’ too, but there wouldn’t be much of T-anything in the Advocate for a good long while after Goodstein’s purchase of it – which occurred later in 1974.

All of the trans cases I’ve mentioned date back to an era in which there was no such thing as a transsexual without a pre-op transsexual first suffering through a real-life test – and I’ve yet to hear of a transsexual person’s RLT that didn’t involve the use of a public restroom.

For peeing and pooping, not whatever David #stillnottrans Goodstein had in mind.


Pre-op trans women in women’s rest rooms and pre-op trans men in men’s rest rooms.

That was the common understanding – medial and legal – of transsexuality in the 1970s.

But, like today, there were people who, given their clear lack of willingness to let trans women use either the women’s room or the men’s room.


All of the trans cases, you undoubtedly ask…

Even Goins v. West Group?

Facts, no.

Law, yes.

For there would have been no trans-inclusive Minnesota Human Rights Act of 1993 without the trans-inclusive Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance of 1975.  And there would have been no trans-inclusive Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance of 1975 without…


…trans people refusing to take the revealed wisdom of ‘no’ for an answer at the state house in the spring of 1975.

Forty-one years ago this spring, we were standing up for ourselves – not just to live, but to ensure that there would be a paper trail to prove that, in 2016, Glenn Beck has no idea what he’s talking about.

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  1. He’s usually better at this. He should have said the next thing will be “man on puppy”.

    But really…..does the whole gay sex panic disparagement thing even translate well to something not about a sexual preference?

    “Next you’ll be seeing them assign you at random for Trans surgery – and they’ll make you pay for it!”

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