One of the Certainties of Life

When right-wing, christofascist bullies whine to the media about being bullied (defined by reality as: the true victims simply standing up for themselves and refusing to take the right-wing, christofascist bullying anymore) you can rest assured that said right-wing, christofascist bullies are doing even more bullying behind the scenes.

Meet North Carolina:

While Republican state leaders have complained about being “bullied” by the federal government over House Bill 2, lobbyists in Raleigh tell WRAL News they and the businesses they represent are being bullied by state lawmakers seeking to silence business opposition to the new law.

Lobbyists say they’ve been told – either directly by legislative leaders or by lawmakers’ staff – that, if they or the businesses they represent speak out publicly against House Bill 2, they can expect retribution from House and Senate leaders.

Legislation they want won’t move, and other bills could actually target them.

WRAL News spoke with 11 lobbyists who have experienced or are aware of such actions, but none would speak on the record for fear they would lose business or be targeted for retribution. One has already lost business.

One long-time lobbyist called the pressure a “gross abuse of power.”

I’d call it a civil rights violation.

Wanna bet that Loretta Lynch has some words for it as well?


1 Comment

  1. How evil does one have to be to elicit sympathy for big business lobbyists?

    That’s pure industrial strength evil.

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