How the HRC Elite Makes Sure to Get Paid and Then Only Worry About What is Happening in the Real World After Their Own Champagne and Caviar Run Out

From Michelangelo Signorile at HuffPo:

How a Ferocious Backlash to LGBT Equality Is in Full Force While Leaders Have No Strategy

But as we all know, they most certainly get their handsome pay packages.

And as most of us always knew, this was always how it was going to play out once the elites got what they personally wanted from the legal system.

A backlash against LGBT equality is in full swing, eight months after marriage equality came to the entire nation, and it’s not just happening in very conservative places. In Houston, a city which had a lesbian mayor and prided itself on inclusiveness, a ballot measure rescinded the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance with an overwhelming majority last November, as opponents targeted transgender people with a campaign of hate and “bathroom panic” via television ads.

LGBT leaders not only didn’t have a plan then, they’ve still not figured out how to deal with bathroom panic and the right’s age-old tactic of exploiting people’s fears about their children with regard to the presence of gay or transgender people.

LGBT leaders were overcome with victory blindness, heady over the marriage equality win that was believed to be coming down. But perhaps they’re still overcome because they still don’t have a strategy, though after Houston, Chad Griffin, president of the largest LGBT group, the Human Rights Campaign — which went to Houston to spearhead the battle which they lost badly — promised they’d have one. In subsequent interviews, however, he still hasn’t adequately articulated it.

Just think how prepared HRC would be if, in 1995, it had actually begun to hire the best and brightest politico-legal transgender minds instead of beginning two decades of immorally sabotaging trans progress, blackballing the best and brightest politico-legal transgender minds, hiring the most pathetic trans token sell-outs imaginable (when hiring any trans people at all) and manufacturing and funding a fake trans organization whose fully-owned-by-HRC leader that aided the HRC project of blackballing the best and brightest politico-legal transgender minds.

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