Memo to People Who Want to ‘Take the High Road’ Re: The Death of Antonin Scalia by Preaching Forgiveness Over Hate…

It is one thing if you had a hand – whether purposely or accidentally – in bringing about Scalia’s death.

I didn’t.

And, contrary to the ravings of Alex Jones, I assume no one did.

But any person who Scalia sat in judgment of – as he did whenever he heard a case involving constitutional rights relevant to any class that a person belongs to – has every right to exhibit any and all positive emotions in mere acknowledgment of the fact that Scalia’s ceasing to draw breath also stops his pen from authoring documents that seek to legally brand many of us as less than human, position us as strangers to the law and render us helpless before raw, evil, proto-theocratic power.

Antonin Scalia was a man who, in adjoining breaths, could use his position of power to declare that actual proof of innocence is not a legitimate reason to not keep imprisoned and/or execute people who are guilty of no crime and then use that same position of power to remove all control that women have over their own bodies and claim that such removal is in defense of the sanctity of life.

That may be – indeed it has already been – the sort of acrobatics of intellectualism (dare I say sophistry?) that, in death, wins him praise from legal intellectuals on both sides of the political spectrum. But it is also pure evil, amorality of the most diseased caliber imaginable. Bush v. Gore by itself renders him (and the other four coup-enablers) unworthy of sympathy.

And only the people who died in the real war begun on fake facts – a war that would not have happened but for a presidency that would not have happened but for a 5-4 decision of which he was one of the 5 – have the power to forgive him.

Those of us who have outlived him have both the right and the responsibility to judge Scalia based on the effects that his opinions and votes caused.

If that offends you, then too bad.

And, while you’re at it, get thee to a copy of the Constitution.

Any originalist can tell you that presidential terms last for four years, not three.

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  1. As long as we’re passing along cause of death rumors- I hear Scalia and David Carredine had something in common.

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