“We did everything fast in 1975”

That was how Glenn Frey, during the Eagles concert in Moline, Illinois, in 2009, concluded his recollection of the songwriting process behind “Lyin’ Eyes.”


Sadly, I didn’t try to sneak my good camera in – and this is the best that my Flintstones-era cell phone could manage during that concert.

Yes, objectively, David Bowie was more of a true musical and artistic force than Frey or the Eagles, but I have to confess: This one hits closer to home.  I wasn’t allowed to listen to radio stations that played Bowie’s music when I was a kid; I was well into college before I developed an appreciation for him (even now I like his cover of “Friday on My Mind” better than the Easybeats’ original.)

But “Lyin’ Eyes” was – and still is – one of my favorite songs.

And, yes, regarding a different song: I also have gone to the trouble of taking a selfie whilst standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona (though I did it 24 years ago – with an AE-1, film and a tripod – and I opted for standing across from the post office instead of the ready-made photo-op that is available elsewhere in Winslow.)


I Wonder…

From what used to be The Advocate:

Sen. Ted Cruz, who has denounced the accomodations given to transgender students as “lunacy,” cemented his transphobic position with supporters in Iowa Wednesday, saying that allowing a trans student to use a faculty restroom amounts to “inflicting” the student on teachers.

But according to NBC News, he told prospective caucus voters that is a better alternative than “sticking him in the shower with the teenage girls.”

“Look, my 5-year-old daughter, Catherine, she knows the difference between boys and girls[.]”

So do trans people.

That’s how we come to the realization that our bodies don’t match who we really are.

But I have a serious question for Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz (R-Calgary): Does your daughter know the difference between a Canadian and an American?


Rafael the Hypocrite

The Real Question…

GLAAD: Will your straight male actor impersonating a transsexual female character present an award at our fundraising gala?
Rep: Yes
GLAAD: Will your studio/network/production company/client donate to our “non”profit or sponsor our event?
Rep: Yes
GLAAD: Will your straight male actor include in his speech about all the great work GLAAD is doing?
Rep: Yes
GLAAD: Will you invite a bunch a straight celebs to our event?
Rep: Yes
GLAAD: Then we don’t see any reason to give voice to the many transsexual women who have an issue with a straight white man playing a transsexual female character in The Danish Girl, Transparent and Dallas Buyers Club
Rep: Glad we could work it out, GLAAD
GLAAD: Don’t worry about the ‘angry uppity tr*nny’ journalists voicing dissent, they’ll get over it. We’ll also ensure our contacts at the white LGB “news” sources censor their voices
Rep: Perfect. Expect the check in the mail next week
GLAAD: Fabulous. Also, please have your straight male actor arrive early on the red carpet to take a photo with our LGB executive director and all white LGB board members. We need the photo op for our news letter
Rep: Of course, we knew we could count on you GLAAD
GLAAD: You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours. Nice conducting business with you

…is whether this conversation (‘transcribed’ by Ashley Love on Facebook) took place even before the Oscar nominations were announced, or whether it occurred later in the day.

By Grabthar’s Hammer, You Will Be Remembered!

The ONLY real angel…

Rickman Metatron

RIP Alan Rickman.

Enjoy Life on Mars, David

This is the final episode of Marc Bolan’s 1977 U.K. television show – which includes David Bowie performing “Heroes” as well as Bowie and Bolan flubbing on a performance running under the closing credits (the flubbing is mostly by Bolan – falling over a microphone stand – but you can tell they both get a laugh out of it.)

The show is interesting because (1) it was Bolan’s final appearance anywhere (he died in a car wreck before it aired) and (2) compared to Bolan’s glam and all of the disco-era nonsense from some of the other performers, I think Bowie was actually the butchest person on the show.

How Did I Miss Darrell Hammond Getting Elected to the Virginia Legislature in Character as Sean Connery?

Creepy Mark Cole

From Crooks and Liars:

Virginia Delegate Mark Cole wins the Creepiest Lawmaker of the Day award for this stunning piece of legislation, requiring that students strictly adhere to designated restroom assignments or risk being fined.

The legislation as filed requires that students attending schools designating restrooms for a specific gender be fined if they use the restroom of the opposite gender.

The proposed law defines gender as “anatomical sex, mean[ing] the physical condition of being male or female, which is determined by a person’s anatomy.” If students break the law, they are fined up to $50 per infraction.

Okay, my mistake.  I guess it isn’t Hammond as Connery.

That must mean a certain notorious TERF from a neighboring state moved to Virginia after finally deciding to transition.