Time for the Appropriated to Do Some Appropriating

Does Not Speak - 1

Memo to Joni the Greek

1) You make predictions before the game.

2) You give congratulations after the game.


3) And you congratulate the team that wins.


Its that simple.

I sat in Spartan Stadium in East Lansing six years ago when the Iowa Hawkeyes erased a 13-9 lead to beat Michigan State on a last-second touchdown to win 15-13 (owing to the college rule that allows botched extra points to potentially be returned for a two-point touchdown the Hawkeyes took a knee on the extra point to ensure nothing disastrous happened.)  This time I sat at home in bed as Michigan State scored an almost-last-second touchdown to win 16-13.

Can someone check to see if Ernst issued a condolence tweet to the Hawkeyes at 8:55 pm on Oct. 24, 2009?

Republicans, You’ve Lost Archie Bunker’s Favorite Newspaper


Can you take a hint?

Anything to Avoid the ‘T’


In fact, there’s not a T to be seen on it (L or B either for that matter), making it quite appropriate as HRC-logo-emblazoned crap.