Jurassic Clarke

From the Toronto Star:

On Tuesday, Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health announced it will shutter its controversial Child, Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic.

Harsh critiques of the CAMH children’s gender clinic began to emerge in the public realm nearly 20 years ago, yet clinic head Dr. Ken Zucker received promotions, honours and international invitations. Articles that described the treatment in detail were published in well-respected journals. The University of Toronto and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education sent their students to train at the clinic.

Research conducted on these children received funding and ethical clearance. Books written by these clinicians received favourable reviews by otherwise critical thinkers. Bioethicists publicly defended the practices. For quite some time, this treatment got a silent pass from the international medical community, the fields of psychology and psychiatry, and major professional health organizations, including but not limited to CAMH.

When trans people are understood to be somewhere between tragic and contemptible, it is seen as “helping” children to avoid this outcome by any means necessary.

One down…

Jurassic Bailey and Jurassic Dreger to go.


  1. Dorothy finally got the witches broom.

    • So….

      Dreger will have to fly coach now?

      • I think Zucker is the witch in this scenario. That would make Dreger just another flying monkey.

        • Or possibly just a recycled banana.

          • A remora on a dead shark.

            I guess there’s always the carcass.

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