Let’s Face It: A Certain Jenner-Defender/Enabler Has Gotten Something Else Wrong

From the Windy City Times:

Let’s face it: mainstream and LGBT media do not always get it right—especially when referencing transgender lives.

Uh huh…

Decorated New York Times columnist and best-selling author Jennifer Boylan has made her life an open book, quite literally, in an effort to facilitate positive change from within—and outside of—the community.

“We’ve seen great progress made,” she said. “I’d like to see that progress continue. Stories of trans lives, in all their many different permutations, need to become more commonplace.[“]

Well, accuracy would also be nice.

Case in point:

Also thriving is Boylan’s commitment to the media machine GLAAD. The 57-year-old currently sits on the board as co-chair.

“I think we’re [GLAAD] the best organization on the country on [transgender] issues, outside of nonprofits like National Center for Transgender Equality…

Okay, let me stop there for a second.  Saying you’re the best – at anything – outside of The Quisling’s Sell-Out Circle is like saying that the 2008 Detroit Lions are best winless NFL team outside of the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  But I digress.

…whose work is solely focused on that one issue,” she said. “We have been doing this work for years and years now, long before trans advocacy was even on anyone’s radar. GLAAD’s longest serving employee is trans man Nick Adams, who for well over a dozen years now has been one of our community’s guardian angels. He is now director of transgender media. But there are plenty of trans people at GLAAD…

Well, I can think of a trans woman (and, no, I don’t mean me) who applied for a job at GLAAD – a job that she was by far the most qualified person in the nation for – about ten years ago who is not part of that “plenty.”  But, you probably already knew that. (And, if you didn’t, well – that’s a whole other story.) How about coming clean about GLAAD’s own HRC-esque history of employment discrimination (hint: tokens are not amulets)?  But I digress again.

…throughout our staff as well as on the board of directors. We have four trans women on the board, including the legendary Marci Bowers. We are the first LGBT nonprofit to have a transgender woman as co-chair of the board of directors. That would be me.”

No, Jenny.  That would not be you.

November 5, 1998

National queer lawyer group elects transgender co-chair

by Vicky Kolakowski

Santa Cruz attorney Melinda Whiteway has become the first openly transgendered person to be elected co-chair of a national lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) organization. On October 17 members of the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association (NLGLA) elected her as their female co-chair at the eighth Lavender Law Conference, held in Boston.

A longtime NLGLA board leader, Whiteway is one of six openly transgender members on the group’s board.

Whiteway told the Bay Area Reporter that she considered possible negative responses to her election, but was assured by her colleagues on the board that they considered such responses secondary to her qualifications and leadership.

Surprisingly for a nationally-known leader in the transgender rights movement, Whiteway downplays the historic nature of her election. “Although not intended as such, my election appears to be a milestone in the evolution of the LGBT community” she told the B.A.R.

But look at it this way, Jenny.

You just earned yourself a mention in my dissertation.



  1. Cut her some slack. She’s only off by roughly two decades.

    And trans people didn’t even exist a decade before she transitioned. True fact.

    • I guess it depends on what the definition of “true” is…

      and “fact”…

      and “decade”…

      and “yadda, yadda, yadda”….

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