How Worst Might One Observe the Day of Remembrance?

If Its Wrong Its HRC

By actually perpetuating anti-trans violence with a hashtag that was concocted either by a TERF or someone clueless enough to be in the six-figure-plus salary echelon at HRC or someone clueless enough to have a garbage, er…, reality TV show called ‘I Am Cait.’

Trans violence would be what TERFs and christianists (not that there’s any real difference) claim trans women do in women’s restrooms.

Anti-trans violence is what TERFs and christianists (not that there’s any real difference) cheer.

Oh yeh, and the result of anti-trans violence is what is remembered on the Day of Remembrance.

Oh yeh, and as for the 21 people whose names are invoked?

Well, here I think I’ll turn things over to Jenna Fischetti:

And not a one would have been welcomed in your organization.

First of all what in the world are you thinking? the #hashtagshould be #StopAntiTransViolence .

Second, you know and the Pipeline Report PROVES, NONE of these folks would be welcomed in your organization. STOP, just STOP IT!!

Sorry, but tokens don’t count.

Its been over a year since Chad ‘Rosa Parks, Jr.‘ Griffin deployed Monica Roberts’ name and trans activism career as an applause line at Southern Comfort.

Has Chad ‘Rosa Parks, Jr.‘ Griffin offered Monica Roberts the opportunity to earn a living doing any of that trans activism for HRC?

If it emanates from HRC, its probably a lie.


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  1. Back in the late 1700s, however, doctors literally blew smoke up people’s rectums. “Believe it or not, it was a general mainstream medical procedure used to, among many other things, resuscitate people who were otherwise presumed dead. In fact, it was such a commonly used resuscitation method for drowning victims particularly, that the equipment used in this procedure was hung alongside certain major waterways, such as along the River Thames (equipment courtesy of the Royal Humane Society). People frequenting waterways were expected to know the location of this equipment similar to modern times concerning the location of defibrillators.”

    These people have raised this to an art form- they fart rainbow smoke rings.

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