The Rope-A-Dope Worked for Muhammad Ali

Because he was a boxer…

and he did the rope-a-dope in the boxing ring.

Silencing Germaine Greer will let prejudice against trans people flourish

For that assertion to be true, it would mean the fact that Janice Raymond was never silenced caused prejudice against trans people to cease.

You can be excused for missing that, because, when last I checked, it never happened.

Exterminationist TERFs have had their cake and eaten ours too for too long.

Greer is the poster child for why no-platforming is legitimate.

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  1. Paying bigots to speak at colleges to decrease bigotry- it’s sorta makes sense – these counterintuitive things can be a bit slippery – often a concrete example will help the author make their point.

    Zoe should post a video of herself putting out fire with gasoline.

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