I’d Like to see a No-Go Zone for Hypocrisy

Jonathan Capehart, 2002:

Albany could delay the bill further because the addition of transgender is so controversial. While legislators have been educated in gay issues over these past 30 years, there has been no similar enlightenment in Albany on transgender issues.

Jonathan Capehart, 2015:

If the voters of Houston reject Proposition 1, they will create a no-go zone for LGBT people.

The ‘no similar enlightenment’ lie was as much of a transphobic canard of disgusting, A-Gay-greed convenience in 2002 as the ‘bathroom’ lie of the diseased rhetorical alliance between right-wing christianists and TERFs is today.

In short: Jonathan Capehart may well have his head in the right place re: Houston and 2015 and, if so, good for him.  But in 2002 he had no problem with the state of New York becoming a no-go zone for trans people…

which it still is.

Don’t think trans people and their gay-approved, third-class New York state status will ever forget.

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