So In Other Words, It is HRC, Circa 2007

From Camille Beredjick at Patheos:

Evangelical Conference on Transgender “Confusion” Has Zero Transgender Speakers

Translation: He Made the Film Using the Gay, Inc., Hiring Paradigm

From Queer Channel Media re: well, you know…

BLADE: Theoretically could the film have worked with somebody like Marsha P. Johnson as the protagonist? Could you have gotten a green light with that approach?

EMMERICH: Well we never did get a green light. I gave my own green light. I love the Marsha P. Johnson character. I have friends who are trans women, but it felt to me like I’m a white male, I’m openly gay and we can have all forms of sexuality in this film, but I think it’s good to use somebody very close to yourself, you know, and find truth in that.

Some of his best friends are…

Oh, this just keeps getting better and better

And as an Added Bonus, Her Back Story Will be that She’s a Post-Transition Chad Griffin


I Hope This Quote is Accurate

I just read about Martin Shkreli. I hereby reverse the church’s position on abortion. I mean, seriously. That guy should have been aborted. Maybe even twice or three times, just to make sure.
– Pope Francis

Its not, of course.

But it should be.

But, But, But, But, But, But….

Shadi Petosky, a transgender woman, was detained unexpectedly at the Orlando airport on Monday after the TSA allegedly decided that her genitalia didn’t match up to their (mis)perceptions about gender.

…gay marriage was supposed to solve everything!!!!!!!

Oh, I guess it did for some people – but not others.

Funny how that works, eh?

“P” is for “Parasite”


His great-granddaddy tried to cut side deals with the Nazis. His granddaddy did cut side deals with the Ayatollah. His cokehead, draftdodger uncle rigged two presidential elections. His daddy aided and abetted one of them. His entire family is in bed with the Bin Ladens. And he himself is a known physical abuser of women.

My only question is…

The big news in Texas right now is that George P Bush, son of a JebBush, got elected Land Commissioner in Texas and is violating the law, hiring his friends and family, not posting jobs, and has turned the Texas General Land office to a frat house / political payoff machine that even has his retired Republican predecessor aghast.

He’s a damn Bush, people. What the hell did you expect?

If you didn’t want someone acting like a damn Bush, why the fool tarnation did you elect a damn Bush?

Personnel records show that Bush has directed at least 40 external hires between November 2014 and July 2015 but listed only four of those with the Workforce Commission.

The average salary for those four jobs was about $65,000. The average salary for the 36 jobs that were not posted was about $90,000.

…How is George P. Bush not already president?

Memo to Carly Fiorina

Memo to Carly