Re: The De-Jenner-es Kerfuffle

Yeh, it showed how clueless the InstaTransitioner™ is.

And, yeh, Ellen’s position on same-sex marriage is the right one.

But lets not forget what Ellen had to say about her own coming out – and, by extension, a few other things:

I didn’t do it to make a political statement. I did it selfishly for myself


you mean like the atavistic politico-moral philosophy of the InstaTransitioner™?  The politico-moral philosophy that led the InstaTransitioner™ to say something improper about the Gay, Inc., political imperative that, once Gay, Inc., deigned it to be a political imperative could never be questioned even by those who support gay marriage but who live in a reality where the vast majority of LGBT people have basic economic needs that are not solved by LGBs being able to marry?

and because I thought it was a great thing for the show,

which desperately needed a point of view. If other people come out, that’s fine. I mean, it would be great if for no other reason than just to show the diversity, so it’s not just the extremes. Because unfortunately those are the people who get the most attention on the news. You know, when you see the parades and you see dykes on bikes or these men dressed as women. I don’t want to judge them. I don’t want to come off like I’m attacking them–the whole point of what I’m doing is acceptance of everybody’s differences. It’s just that I don’t want them representing the entire gay community, and I’m sure they don’t want me representing them. We’re individuals. It’s like seeing scary heterosexuals on talk shows–it’s like saying Joey Buttafuoco represents the heterosexual population.


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