Then Crawl Inside Your Castle With Your Money and STFU

Just some of the latest blathering from the latest Insta-Whatever™:

 I’ve worked very hard in my life, I have no excuses about my life and what I’ve done with my life. Yes, I’ve worked hard and been able to put a few bucks away. Good for me, that’s the American dream. OK?


True, there’s nothing to apologize for in having a career and/or getting an education before transitioning.  We all come to that point in our lives when we come to it.

However, you were only able to “able to put a few bucks away” because you were able to cash in – after the Olympics, on CHiPs, by marrying Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife, by basking in the shadow of her three daughters’ helium, et. al.- by not being the personage you’re parading yourself around the media as now.

But when you try to profit even more from that transition – in ways that, increasingly, only harm the 99.999999999% of trans people who do not have a resume similar to yours – then you’ve lost any and all right to complain.  You’ve lost any and all right to expect the community you’re now not (and, lets face it, never really were) a part of but, instead, are leeching off of, to not call you out as what you are.

You’ve got a right to be a Republican.

You’ve got a right to accept an award from ESPN that would have been far more proper to award to a certain trans athlete whose post-transition name became a household word in 1976.

You’ve got a right to spend some of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife’s money on lawyers who will get you out of any legal responsibility for a certain fatal car crash.

You’ve got a right to spend some of Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife’s money on one of the Halloween costumes that someone is making money off of by making fun of you all trans people.

But you damn well have an obligation to get a clue about the reality currently being lived by trans people who haven’t been able to finance their transition with Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife’s money but who never know when they’re going to encounter a person who has no problem pointing and yelling “She’s a, a Caitlyn, that’s what she is” – or, in the alternative, you have an obligation to STFU, dig a hole, hop in and pull it in after you.

Oh, and memo to the people in the trans community not named Caitlyn but who have been allowed to make a post-transition living by being a professional-trans-oid and who have been aiding and abetting what those of us who live in the real world knew was coming the minute the anti-reality show started: Anything Jenner does that negatively affects all of us is now on you as well as Captain Clueless.


1 Comment

  1. The Captain should have at the very least been Sensible.

    “I’ve had a gutful of you and I’m feelin’ bad
    ‘Cause you’re an ugly old pirate and ain’t I glaad”

    He said, “Captain”, I said, “Wot?”
    He said, “Captain”, I said, “Wot?”

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