Most Relevant Review of the Year

Re: War Room – but not the documentary about James Carville and the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign:

[I]n one of the most heavy-handed pieces of cinema I’ve ever seen, Miss Clara demands that everyone in the audience—yes, you and me, spread this horrifying version of Jesus-love throughout the world with apocalyptic images of children praying in public schools, cops praying before going out in the field (probably to shoot someone who looks like one of the main characters in this film), and, lastly, people praying in the White House.

Miss Clara is a pusher—as bad as any drug dealer on the street. Miss Clara pushes Christianity instead of crack. Not just any Christianity, the type of Christianity that keeps women in abusive relationships, that keeps them locked in misery—that makes the humiliation, degradation, and hate they endure somehow their fault.

This kills women. Miss Clara kills women. This movie, it intends to kill women by keeping them in harmful and life-threatening situations by promising that if they just endure long enough, they will be rewarded with a husband who no longer wants to crush their spirit or their skulls.


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