Juno vs. the Jerk


From Queer Channel Media:

“X-Men” and “Juno” lesbian actress Ellen Page challenged Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on LGBT rights Friday during the Iowa State Fair, grilling him on the issue of anti-LGBT workplace discrimination.

And, of course, the Cuban-Canadian Cruz mansplained to a woman who is (1) honest about being Canadian, (2) makes her living in the private sector, and (3) has not spent a majority of her adult life in the employ of various government entities:

“I’m happy to answer your question but not to have a back-and-forth debate,” Cruz told Page.

Because the next post-Reconstruction Republican who can win an honest debate will be the first.

Memo to Jeb Bush

Being married to a Hispanic woman doesn’t mean that words which ooze from your mouth cannot accurately be assessed as racist. It just means that people should wonder if you’ve been so addicted all of your life to even the possibility of being president that you might token-marry and token-child-produce solely for the benefit of a political dynasty of idle-rich clods?

Speaking of which: Has George P. stalked any of his girlfriends lately?

Chad Griffin, You’re Fired

John Oliver, You’re Hired.

As Opposed to Journalism at the Washington Blade, Which Died Some Time Back


Okay, I’m a child of the 1960s and 70s.  I probably saw a few episodes of Batman in first run (though I can’t remember for certain), but I definitely saw all of them ten times over on after-school re-runs – so the passing of Yvonne Craig is a bit depressing for me.

But not as depressing as Queer Channel Media devoting space to Batgirl while still ignoring the HRC internal report is infuriating.

Memo to Larry Kramer


How’d That Work Out For Ya, Nancy?


Because I can tell you how it worked out for LGBT people whose concerns weren’t addressed by marriage, the DADT repeal and the hate crimes law.

Well, Todd Courser’s Hypocri-Cray-Cray For One.