Independence Neigh

Stonewall sparks a riot in first trailer for Roland Emmerich’s gay rights drama

Right before returning to the skies for next summer’s Independence Day sequel, director Roland Emmerich is aiming for awards, rather than attendance, for his fact-based drama Stonewall.

The film has already gained a small amount of controversy for pushing a white male agenda above other minorities. Some have complained that the lead characters all being of the same ethinicity and gender (other key roles are played by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Ron Perlman) gives the film a limited focus, something Emmerich denies.

I’m sure he also denies that President Whitmore’s speech from Independence Day is so syrupy that it could give a cinder block diabetes.

If Perlman is in character as Vincent from Beauty and the Beast I can accept the Stonewall movie as high farce. Otherwise….


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    “The Tick” Couples (TV Episode 2001)

    Halt now or face the combustible justice of… the Fiery Blaze!

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