Interesting Math Given That Only 169,549 People Voted in the Last Houston Mayoral Election

From KHOU, former employer of Texas’ current christofascist Lt. Governor:

A group of pastors fighting Houston’s equal rights ordinance has filed a lawsuit against Mayor Annise Parker, claiming she tried to deny voters’ rights and intimidate clergymen opposing her.

The legal action comes at the beginning of what’s likely to be a passionate campaign leading up to a referendum on the ordinance in November.

“She violated and trampled the voting rights of over a million people in the fourth largest city in the United States of America,” said Andy Taylor, the attorney representing the clergymen, at a news conference with his clients. “Are you with me? Can you believe it? Is that what happened?”

No, I can’t believe it (Charlie Butts might, but no one living in reality should), and for good reason.

Despite what a Texas Supreme Court full of Rick Perry acolytes said, that’s actually not what happened.

The Parker Administration said so many the petitions were so flawed, the drive failed. In the inevitable lawsuit following that decision, attorneys working for the city stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy by subpoenaing sermons and other documents from the pastors behind the effort.

The clergymen eventually won the battles over both of those issues. The mayor withdrew the subpoenas and the Texas Supreme Court recently ordered Houston to either rescind the ordinance or hold a referendum in November.

Nonetheless, Taylor said, the pastors have filed this latest lawsuit as a warning to future mayors.

The translation that you won’t hear on Texas conservative media: The taxpayer-subsidized (which is what living tax free is) pastors are engaging in lawsuit abuse.


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