Finally! The Incident TERFs Have Been Waiting For! Violence in a Women’s Restroom Involving a Trans Woman!

Well, it would be – but for…

A 45-year-old Omaha, Nebraska man is facing hate crime charges after he burst into a women’s rest room in a nightclub and brutally attacked a trans woman.

Yes, it was the trans woman who was the victim.

At this point, I’ll turn the analysis over to two commenters at Raw Story.  First, Itsatarp:

Interesting. For so long we have been hearing about how the transgendered are going to be going into restrooms to attack innocents. But here, the person doing the attacking is just some doughy, insecure white guy living in a fly over state. Whowouldaguessed?

And the response by WJM51:

Anyone who’s ever paid any attention to the topic

Every exterminationistic TERF hysteric ever – destroyed by one assault and two comments at Raw Story.

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