Memo to Fresno

Specifically, to the Fresno police Lt. Joe Gomez re: his attitude in the aftermath of trans people not being too thrilled with his department’s attitude toward a trans murder victim who was, according to the Fresno Bee, “walking near the intersection of Blackstone and East Cornell avenues around 2 a.m. when the attack occurred,” an attack which, based on surveillance video which showed the “wearing a dress with a cardigan over it and carrying a bag,” consisted of “an SUV pull[ing] up next to the victim, who approached the passenger side window” with the victim eventually being “stabbed multiple times and later [being] pronounced dead at Community Regional Medical Center.

There’s no evidence to indicate this was a hate crime


There’s not yet conclusive evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that it was a hate crime.

But when you have a trans body that has become dead via being “stabbed multiple times,” there is a noticeable quantum of per se evidence of a hate crime.

And if you don’t start with the presumption that its a hate crime then you’re not doing your job.

Such a presumption prejudges no individual suspect or group of suspects any more than initially presuming the death to be a murder had the victim been found dead with stab wounds – but without accompanying video.  Under those circumstances, it could turn out to be self defense on the part of the stabber or it could have been a suicide after which someone ran off with the knife – but it makes sense to presume foul play.  In fact, it would not make sense not to.

And under the facts of the Fresno case as described by the Fresno Bee, there could indeed be a non-hate-crime explanation for the death or even a non-murder explanation – either of which might leave the trans community unsatisfied – but there is no explanation for the Fresno P.D. not starting with the presumption that it was a hate crime.


there’s no legitimate explanation.

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