So Please Explain to Me Why Kristin Beck is Any More Deserving of This Than Anyone Else Who Has Transitioned and Come Out?

From The Vital Voice:

Ms. Kristin Beck will receive the Stonewall Democratic Club’s Sheila Kuehl Trailblazer Award at the club’s 40th Anniversary Garden Party & Awards Ceremony on April 26th. Ms. Beck is being acknowledged for her consistent and effective work advocating for the acceptance of Transgender people.


I guess so.


Okay, maybe – but based on what measurement?  I’m not going to say absolutely that she has not been, but I’m also not really sure how anyone could say definitively that she has been either, especially when framed thusly:

Ms. Beck will be the latest in a prestigious group of recipients including Congressmember Judy Chu, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, Congressmember Jared Polis, Actress Jane Fonda and many others.

As of right now, Beck is someone who is simply trying to cash in.

Will she be a good member of Congress?

Well, that’s an all-but-irrelevant question.  Beck is trying to primary Steny Hoyer, the House Minority Whip – someone who is probably even less likely to be defeated than Nancy Pelosi.

So, with that, if you have any doubts, go back and re-evaluate whether Beck has been, or will be, “effective.”

The 1976 Olympic decathlon winner cashes in on TV – first by conspiring to dumb down America with Robert Kardashian’s ex-wife’s money and daughters, and then by InstaTransitioning™.

A Navy Seal attempted to cash in with a book…

‘All money I would normally get by royalty from sales are used by the “evil-empire-publisher” to pay lawyers to fight against me and talk to Hollywood about a film,’ she wrote. ‘I attempted suicide due to this book and that evil psychologist.’

Beck also takes issue with Rolling Stone and an article it published about transgender activists in 2014.

‘It focused on Hollywood and Models… They write and parade the “Beautiful People” who make millions off “activism” and ignored the activists in everyday life.’

Gee, Kristin…

You mean the everyday people who were being activists for free – perhaps nevertheless hoping eventually to be allowed by Gay, Inc. to make a subsistence living off of the activism that they were willing to do for free – sacrificing other career opportunities along the way by being out when being stealth would have been much more lucrative, all while you were voluntarily putting in 20+ years in the volunteer military while voluntarily not being out?  You’re a couple of years younger than I am – meaning that you weren’t drafted.  Your choice to join the military in 1990 was yours and yours alone, and clearly on several occasions over the next two decades (you know, when out trans people had to fight not only against christianists but also against Gay, Inc.) you had opportunities to eschew further military service in favor of civilian life…

and activism.

Deferring to your military service, I’ll acknowledge that on the moral utilitarianism scale you do rank higher than the 1976 Olympic decathlon winner, but you’re nevertheless also currently attempting to be one of the people who cashes in.

You’re just attempting now to cash in via politics (when last I checked, the annual salary of a member of Congress was $174K – and that’s not counting all of the bennies.)

And like the 1976 decathlon winner (not to mention puppets owned and operated by Gay, Inc. with the purposes of undermining actual trans politics and progress), you’re attempting to leech off of the people who did the actual work.

And by attempting to primary the second-highest ranking Democrat in the House, you’re not giving anyone a reason to think that you’re all that bright.

My conclusion?

You’re all Keisling Klones of differing Kalibers.



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  1. This person’s political views are to the right of Rush Limbaugh, and she has expressed both trans-phobic and homophobic ideas!

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