Dinesh D’Defamation Monger

This should surprise no one with even one functioning brain cell:

Dinesh D’Souza Circulates Fake Photo Of Hillary Clinton With Confederate Flag

As TPM notes:

It’s unclear whether D’Souza edited the image himself, whether he knew it was fake, or whether he will believe those who inform him that it is fake (he has yet to address replies correcting him on the photo).

Well, given that, until directly confronted by Bill Maher on Real Time in 2012 (while D’Felon was pushing is anti-Obama shlockumentary), D’Felon refused to substantively acknowledge that the Maher remark that was used by ABC as an excuse to cancel Politically Incorrect a decade earlier was actually Maher simply agreeing with something that D’Felon had said, I wouldn’t hold my breath for D’Felon to acknowledge anything about the fake photo.  His job is to stir up the treason pot – and he’s clearly already accomplished that by merely tweeting the photo to the gullible.

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  1. Just so long as he doesn’t release his sex tape with Anne Coulter.

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