Let Me Tell You About My Least Favorite Episode of ‘Modern Family’

Considering how the series is already in syndication saturation – locally as well as on cable networks – I presume anyone who watches the series has probably seen it, but…

Claire Dunphy spends most of the episode being viciously berated (dare I say mentally abused?) by her family for refusing to accept their declarations that she’s wrong – when she’s actually right.

How so?

She and her doofus husband are at a grocery store.  While oogling another woman at the grocery store, the doofus husband leans backward against their shopping cart, pushing it against Claire, in turn pushing her into a shelf which causes her – and a buttload of food – to fall.

The doofus husband immediately declares himself to be blameless: He did nothing and hapless Claire fell into the food on her own.

He says it so it must be true, right?

Claire protests, but the doofus husband repeats his he-said-it-first-therefore-it-can’t-be-challenged declaration and then pulls out every loudmouthed (wrong) bully’s trump card: ‘Why do you always feel like have to be right? Just let it go!

I forget if that was the exact quote – but you get the idea.  That was definitely the substance.

And it was repeated – not just but by the doofus husband but also by her children (and not just the two doofus ones but also the genius.)

But Claire doesn’t let it go.

Eventually we learn that Claire went to the trouble of obtaining evidence that could probably even get a Texas criminal conviction overturned: a security camera video from the grocery store showing that, indeed, doofus husband was oogling another woman and, in the process, leaned onto the grocery cart, pushing it into Claire and Claire into the food.

And what is Claire’s reward for producing irrefutable proof that she’s innocent – and that her doofus husband is guilty?

The doofus husband and the rest of her family berate her even more – even going so far as to brand her as being sick – for having the temerity to not let it go.

The moral of that story from that episode of the officially-approved gay-marriage-friendly sitcom?

Bend over, take it and don’t complain – especially if you are actually the one who is right, doubly so if you are able to prove it – or risk, well, you know….

Keep that in mind when you encounter trans people refusing to let it go regarding not just the report that proved true everything we’ve been saying about HRC for two decades but also the media outlets that continue to refuse to talk about it.



  1. I saw that episode several times. Yeah i didn’t like how they berated her like that either. That can really mess someone up psychologically.

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