A Restaurant is a Public Accommodation – Especially in Maryland


From Baltimore City Paper:

A restaurant menu using a picture of Austin Powers to declare that Caitlyn Jenner “is a MAN BABY!” allegedly from the south-of-the-border restaurant Nacho Mama’s in Canton, quickly spread on local social media this afternoon, with many condem[n]ing the joke as transphobic.

Many?  More like everyone except the Maryland payday loan lawyer crowd (though it remains to be seen if Chad Griffin and his inner circle had salivated over the idea of holding a mandatory-attendance HRC employee lunch a bit northeast of DC.)

Now, it is fair and accurate to note that the restaurant in question has removed the bit o’ transphobia.

It is also fair and accurate to say that the restaurant in no way, shape or form actually apologized in doing so, you know…


…the same way that it is fair and accurate to say that HRC declared Maryland to be a discrimination-free zone after the state passed a gay-only rights law.


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