I Wish I’d Said That Fifteen Years Ago

Michelangelo Signorile in the Washington Post:

Even if marriage equality comes to all 50 states in June, after all, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people still won’t be protected against discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, nor under any federal statute, a sad reality that often surprises people. There are no statewide protections in 29 states. Which means that in some states, gay and lesbian individuals have exercised the right to marry one day, only to be fired from their jobs the next after their employers learned about it.

[W]hat it is clear is that LGBT activists need to redouble the fight, not only in the states but at the federal level, where what would help most would be amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act or passing a similar bill protecting LGBT people in all areas, from housing and education to employment and public accommodations, with no broad religious exemption. They should be pressuring 2016 presidential candidates, starting with Hillary Clinton, to promise to make this a priority. And certainly they shouldn’t be declaring victory for LGBT rights, no matter what the Supreme Court does in June.

Why should anyone think that the same privileged, Gay, Inc.-ers who would show up at LGB( ) law conferences during the Bush junta to declare that ‘once we have marriage nothing else will matter’ don’t still have that attitude because, in their privileged lives in jurisdictions privileged with legal protections other than marriage, once marriage is a reality nothing else will matter because they’ll be too busy counting their money and not ponying up a penny of it to pass LGB rights laws – much less T laws – anywhere?

On Behalf of the English Language, I am Going to Countersue Her for Misuse of the Possessive

Driskell v Teh Gay

Maybe He Should Have Actually Ponied Up Reparations to the Trans People Whose Careers His Organization Destroyed


Or – just to demonstrate that I can view a glass as being half full – maybe he’s actually entertained the idea and has experienced the typical Gay, Inc., pushback?

Experience with all that is HRC, though, tells me that he think’s he’s won gay marriage and is preparing to take all of his money and go home.

Where Inclusion is Wrong

Kerry Eleveld at DKos:

The oral arguments for same-sex marriage were in large part a celebration for the LGBT equality movement.


Maybe the outcome of Obergefell v. Hodges will help trans people as individuals and maybe it won’t, but I just did a quick word search on the transcripts of the oral arguments (in two separate PDFs at the SCOTUS website – here and here) and I saw no mention of “transgender,” “transsexual” or even “sex change.”

Just observin’….

Because Gay Marriage Solves Everything

Transgender woman Deairra Michelle Venable was arrested Monday while recording the Baltimore riots. Venable was first jailed with other woman but when the police learned of her transgender status they moved her, despite her having legal documents showing that she is female. They took her bra leaving only a flimsy top for modesty and put her into a cell with 12 men.


I Don’t

From Huff Po:

Poignant Video Pinpoints Why We All Should Say #IDo To Marriage Equality

Marriage equality advocates now have a $1 million-reason to elevate their voices between now and June.

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage expected this summer, activists and partners Karen Dixon and Nan Schaffer will match donations, dollar-for-dollar up to $1 million, toward LGBT advocacy group Lambda Legal.


ENDA was erased (and don’t kid yourselves; it is permanently erased) from the civil rights agenda and now even a non-HRC an arm of Gay, Inc. wants to vacuum up the dough as its reward for flushing all LGBT people who need employment security more than the millionaires of Gay, Inc. need their tax breaks.

We are all individuals long before any of us are ever halves of couples.

Until the passage of concretely-trans-inclusive federal employment non-discrimination legislation, marriage should have remained so far back on the back burner that it could not even be seen.