Why Calling Out Every Single Instance of Transphobia – and Never Letting Anyone Forget Any of Them – is Still Necessary

A comment I made and a response thereto at an item currently up on the website of what used to be The Advocate:


So, according to ‘Bill Carr,’ I’m making trans things up – seeing things where there are none.

I must be a real whack job, eh?


Here are the last two paragraphs of the item in question, two paragraphs which constitute approximately half of the text in the item:

Savage highlighted the hypocrisy demonstrated by the Duggar family, who have peddled their anti-LGBT agenda and activism as a means of protecting families – including campaigning against an LGBT rights ordinance in Fayetteville, Ark., which cast transgender people as child predators.

“Particularly when religious conservatives want to talk about it, they want to point a finger at non-family. They want to point a finger at people that they define as the enemies of families or not from or having families of their own – LGBT people, particularly trans people increasingly with these anti-trans bathroom bills,” Savage told Hayes. “And that is what the Duggars have dug in on is attacking trans people and opposing this LGBT civil rights bill in Fayetteville where they were out there arguing that the threat to little girls in Fayetteville were transwomen when they knew, when they were covering for someone who had demonstrated, at least at that age, was a threat to little girls himself.”

The fact that two people actually ‘liked’ the comment by ‘Bill Carr’ demonstrates that the LGBT community is about a ‘post-transphobia’ as the nation as a whole is ‘post-racial.’

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  1. But trans people don’t really exist. So even when they’re explicitly mentioned, there was no mention of them.

    Just like homophobia doesn’t exist because gay people don’t. And they’re not discriminated in marriage laws because they can marry someone of the other sex already.

    Erasure Heads.

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