Some of us Were Fighting Transphobia Across America Fifteen Years Ago – And the Advocate Was One of the Things We Had to Fight Against

And we sacrificed our well-being to do so.

Advocate - 20000620 - Norah

Come June, I wonder if its current crop of well-heeled sideline-sitters will pretend that this never happened and/or doesn’t matter?

Actually, I don’t wonder.



  1. And now, she’s a poster child on the MRA’s website. C’mon – who wasn’t expecting that.

  2. Also:

    What was it about living as a man that pulled your
    psyche apart at the seams?

    Norah Vincent: It was emotionally exhausting to
    be an impostor, and also an impostor of the opposite sex.
    That’s what most transsexuals feel before they
    make the transition. When I started, I’d
    thought that gender had to do with costumes and haircuts. I
    didn’t understand that there was some mental
    component of how you view yourself in terms of gender
    that’s deeply embedded in your brain and that you
    can’t just pull that out and not expect trouble.

    Why are we so often the punching bags for people unable to work out their own issues?

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