Those of Us Living in Reality (Defined as ‘Knowing that Enforceable Anti-Discrimination Laws are, and Will Remain, More Important Than Gay Marriage) Have Never Had “Victory Blindness”

Linda Greenhouse in the New York Times, writing about the day after the anticipated gay marriage ruling:

[T]he gay rights movement is wise to temper jubilation with caution. In a sober new book entitled “It’s Not Over,” Michelangelo Signorile, a well known gay radio host and blogger, warns against what he calls “victory blindness,” which he defines as falling prey to “a kind of bedtime story that tells us we’ve reached the promised land.” Getting beyond “mere tolerance” and winning “full equality” is likely to remain an elusive goal, he writes.

In October 1972, as Justice Harry A. Blackmun was completing work on his majority opinion in Roe v. Wade, he took a legal pad and recorded his thoughts in anticipation of a decision that would declare unconstitutional the abortion laws in nearly every state. “It will be an unsettled period for a while,” he wrote. Is there a justice jotting similar notes right now?

It will only be “unsettled” for (1) trans people whose identities matter to them and (2) all LGBTs who are not halves of couples and/or who have always lived in a reality in which the need to find and maintain employment is and will always be a practicality that outranks marriage recognition.

It will, of course, be ‘settled’ for everyone who can take their Gay, Inc. bonuses, retirement packages and other golden parachutes and go home.


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