Expect it to be Passed Before the Ink is Dry on the Upcoming Supreme Court Gay Marriage Decision

From Think Progress:

During a meeting of the Michigan House Committee on Commerce and Trade, Republican lawmakers sneakily introduced a substitute bill replacing HB 4052. The new legislation, sponsored by Rep. Earl Poleski (R), overrides all local ordinances governing employers’ relationships with their employees. Because of the way it would impose state control, opponents have dubbed it the “Death Star” bill. Not only does it have implications for any local ordinance that controls minimum wage, benefits, sick leave, union organizing and strikes, wage disputes, apprenticeship programs, and “ban the box” policies (blocking employers from asking about felony convictions), but it would also override the LGBT protections that exist in 38 Michigan municipalities.

“A local governmental body,” the new HB 4052 reads, “shall not adopt, enforce, or administer an ordinance, local policy, or local resolution regulating the relationship between an employer and its employees or potential employees if the regulation contains requirements exceeding those imposed by state or federal law.”

Yes, this proves yet again that Republicans only like ‘small government’ and ‘local control’ as campaign slogans.

But that should be obvious.

What it also proves is me being right when I warned over fifteen years ago that pre-emption would be the tool that the religionist right would use to wipe out – at the very least – trans civil rights but, as is coming to pass, all LGBT rights.

All Michigan LGBT people – uncoupled or otherwise – who are not so financially independent as to not need anti-discrimination laws should remember who all to thank as soon as the inevitable happens.


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