Maybe He Should Have Actually Ponied Up Reparations to the Trans People Whose Careers His Organization Destroyed


Or – just to demonstrate that I can view a glass as being half full – maybe he’s actually entertained the idea and has experienced the typical Gay, Inc., pushback?

Experience with all that is HRC, though, tells me that he think’s he’s won gay marriage and is preparing to take all of his money and go home.



  1. He’s just angry that the staff balks at using his “Rosa Parks” nickname.

    • If he’s staying at HRC, I’m sure he’s in the process of finding not only more young trans tokens who don’t (want to) know how many trans lives that HRC has destroyed but also people in general who are young enough and stupid enough to not even know who the real Rosa Parks was.

      • Sure transphobia- but I can’t believe that ageism exists in an organization run by gay men.


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