In Wisconsin, New York and New Hampshire, They’d Be SOL Even Today

From the Jan. 12, 1977, issue of The Advocate:


…two of the busted drags have lost jobs…

Fifteen years ago I sat in the audience for a panel at the Lav Law Conference in Seattle and heard an HRC mouthpiece smugly declare that there was no way a judge would be able to find daylight between the St. Barney / HRC ENDA and the then-largely-imaginary Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins-based Title VII trans protections.

Contrary to popular belief, that is still not a robustly-settled matter.  But maybe the Title VII developments that actually have developed since then would have helped the drag queens in question had the events happened more recently…

Or maybe not.

But there is definitely no way that the Title VII developments since then would have helped the drag queens in question had their employers been small (read: fewer than 15 employees) employers.


If you’re a drag queen in Wisconsin or New Hampshire or upstate New York, would you be willing to trust (likely-)Republican state judges to not find daylight between the state’s gay-only rights law and state sex discrimination law?

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