The Vaseline Incident

…probably would have been a better name for a certain Guns N’ Roses album.

He has attacked, in over-the-top style, Maine’s most vulnerable and stigmatized populations time and time again. He has ignited divisiveness and spread ignorance fueled hatred across our state in the name of blind, backwards policy that helps the wealthy and hurts the poor.

In countless instances since he took office in 2010, LePage has offended us, disgusted us, infuriated us, and mocked us. He has displayed complete incivility and intolerance, and embraced the role of the unabashed, bull-headed, right-wing mouthpiece to the point where he made those traits cornerstones of his re-election bid.

Yet when confronted by an activist from the other side of the aisle who’s found the courage to look him square in the eye and give him a dose of his own medicine, he suddenly found himself speechless, as is the case with most typical bullies.

And its the perfect name for something that was recently served up to Paul LePage, who, among Republican governors, is Chris Christie minus the compassion and morality.


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