Should We Judge Florists in Indiana Who Might Not Want to Serve Interracial Couples Based on Feigned, er…, Claimed Religious Beliefs?

What says The Scar?

Scarborough: “Can You No Longer Go Into Business As A Florist In America If You Believe That A Man Marrying A Man, Or A Woman Marrying A Woman, Is A Sin?”

The question that should be asked of the Indiana law’s defenders: Should ‘religious freedom’ apply to ‘religious beliefs’ about race relations (not wanting to serve non-whites or mixed-race couples) or about mere religious differences that have nothing to do with sexuality (not wanting to serve non-christians)?

I won’t be holding my breath.


1 Comment

  1. He’s “just asking a question!”

    Hey Joe – you can believe whatever you choose and open a business and still have to serve a Christian.

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