I Almost Feel Sorry for Kerry Eleveld

Eleveld again takes to the pixelwaves at DailyKos to wonder about how (whether?) a new state ‘special rights for bigots’ law is having an effect on Rhode Island Avenue:

This week Indiana became the second state this year to enact a rabidly anti-LGBT law—Arkansas beat them to it last month and is now trying for a repeat—and one has to wonder, “Where the heck is the Human Rights Campaign?” And maybe more specifically, “Where’s its president, Chad Griffin?”

I say that I almost feel sorry for Eleveld because, upon reading that, I get the feeling that she’s actually shocked at the prospect of an activism-elite millionaire (and if Griffin isn’t a millionaire already, based on HRC’s publicly-disclosed salary structure, he will be by the end of the next fiscal year) fiddling while everything other than the bank accounts of he and his classlings burns.

I get the feeling that she didn’t want to actually believe where her own previous item on this very topic (Arkansas – Griffin’s own home state – rather than Indiana) was heading.

There’s more than a dozen more of these horrific bills waiting in the wings and HRC’s president still doesn’t have his bullhorn out? We’re talking about a guy who engineered having a 400-page book written about the Prop 8 lawsuit by a New York Times reporter who likened Griffin to Rosa Parks.

I get the feeling that she didn’t want to actually believe that HRC would dismiss the lived realities of any group other than trans people.

I get the feeling that she doesn’t want to actually believe that the only thing HRC is actually doing right now is planning its post-Supreme-Court-gay-marriage-decision parties.

Chad Griffin knows how to create a media storm if he wants to. He also knows how to run a national media campaign—as evidenced by the Proposition 8 lawsuit he orchestrated with legal eagles Ted Olson and David Boies that drew headlines for a solid four years and helped change the national conversation.

I am only left to conclude that while Griffin was and still is very much invested in marriage equality, his heart simply isn’t in the fight to beat back the backlash that marriage equality has exacted.

But I get the feeling she’s starting to.

Its too bad that she didn’t pay attention to what (non-token) trans people long have been saying about Griffin and HRC.


  1. Maybe HRC needs to hire someone with a Public Relations background to smooth out this media/message mess. What’s that? Chad IS a PR person?

    • Don’t worry – they’ve got this covered. Their next fundraising email will feature the HRC logo and the Indiana state flag. The problem, she is solv-ed!

      I apologize – that last crack wasn’t fair. Say what you will about Inspector Clouseau – he at least tried.

    • “Chad IS a PR person?”

      Yes, but where he’s concerned “PR” stands for “philthy rich.”

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