The Junior Senator from Alberta Wants to be President of the United States

With or without the early twitter announcement – Cruz’s official official announcement is this morning at a far right Christian Evangelical university – Cruz’s detractors were hard at work, having fun mocking him.

Cruz’s original video starts with him saying, “It’s a time for truth.”

Here’s some truth: Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta –  that’s in Canada – to a father who was a citizen of Cuba.

If allegedly being born in Kenya to a Kenyan father makes Barack Obama ineligible to be president, then the unchallenged facts of Ted Cruz’s birth make him ineligible.

In fact..

they would seem to make him an illegal alien.



  1. Don’t you mean that he’s running for Prime Minister?

  2. Where are the “Birthers” now?!!!!!

    Having had a relative that moved to Canada, became a Canadian citizen (was married to an individual other than a US citizen) and birthed children in Canada, that are Canadian citizens, I just wonder if Mother Cruz did not follow that same path back then… during the Vietnam War era, and also became a Canadian citizen. I wonder how to research such an event.

    • His parents were working in the oil biz in Canada when he was born there. He has Canadian & Cuban citizenship via being born in Canada and his father having Cuban citizenship.

      He had said he was going to request to renounce his Canadian citizenship – but I don’t think he has yet – nor has he asked to renounce his Cuban birthright citizenship. If he did request – neither Canada nor Cuba has to honor he request to renounce. Cuba doesn’t do so as a matter of policy – at least last time i check a year or so ago when he said he was going to file with Canada – but hasn’t yet.

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