To Be Absolutely Fair…

Among the several predictions I made back in Dec. 2002 re: how Gay, Inc. o’ New York would never actually lift a finger to go back and add trans people to the state’s civil rights law, I did not predict that Utah would manage to pass a trans-inclusive civil rights law (sans ‘incremental progress,’ but with unconstitutional concessions to a certain tax-free business that thinks it has the right to tell people who do pay taxes how to live) before New York rectified the Anti-Trans Legislative Hate Crime of 2002 (sometimes, albeit inaccurately, referred to as SONDA.)

My bad.

The people who allowed SONDA to happen are still worse, but my bad on Utah still being more trans-friendly than New York nevertheless.

(BTW – I purposely used the word “still” because Utah enacted a transsexual birth certificate statute forty years ago this month.  That sound I’m sure you all hear is HRC trying to figure a way to take credit for that too, even though it was five years before HRC came into existence.)


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