One Form of ‘No-Platforming’

From The New Civil Rights Movement:

For nearly 50 years Psychology Today has helped educate readers on a wide variety of psychological issues. Originally founded in 1967, it was once owned by the premiere psychological organization, the American Psychological Association. Now, it is endorsed by the National Board for Certified Counselors.

That endorsement is now problematic for those who wish to advance the credibility of the scientific discipline known as psychology.

Psychology Today is refusing to eliminate its listings for practitioners of so-called conversion therapy, also known as “ex-gay” therapy or reparative therapy.

Isn’t this the expression of a desire that ‘ex-gay’ fraud be ‘no-platformed’?

So I wonder how many of the gay, TERF-defending concern trolls are fine-n-dandy with ‘ex-gay’ fraud being ‘no-platformed’?

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  1. That’s different, it’s about them.

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