Memo to the Attendees of Creating Change 2015

Did the conference’s director explain to you the rationale behind her being able to maintain (apparently-permanent) employment with an allegedly trans-inclusive organization despite having a history that includes this?

Radical Lesbian Separatism in LGBT Activism: Hyding in Plain Sight?

[B]efore Hyde was a community activist, she was a essentially a promoter of women’s music events and a self avowed lesbian separatist.  It would also appear that Hyde was one of the signers of the “Letter to Olivia” piece:

In a time when the transgender community is being attacked and their human rights being called into question, our community leaders need to provide leadership. While Hyde may have given up lesbian separatism as a “political principle“, having a history of advocating for the firing/not hiring a trans woman is something that needs addressed.

When non-trans women encourage employment discrimination against trans women, they’re rewarded with permanent employment in Gay, Inc.

When trans women challenge the Gay, Inc. hegemony that includes ongoing countenancing of trans-exterminationism, we are blacklisted.

Did Creating (Alleged) Change have a plenary panel about that?


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