Discourse in a Nutshell

Although it seems as though the person in question here is in dire need of mental help, this observation from Crooks and Liars is nevertheless spot on:

It makes me sad that people feel so desperate and are so ill they would even consider attacking a public official. But the most shocking part of this sad story is how many times Michael Hoyt, former bartender at John Boehner’s club, made threats before he was actually arrested.

The threats, of course, were against Boehner.

And the apparent ‘rationale’ – or, at least part of it – for the threats?

In addition to the emails and erratic behavior, Hoyt also posted his thoughts online. The Ebola crisis in particular was stressing him.

Authorities said Hoyt also typed an 11-page blog detailing his thoughts about Boehner being the devil and emailed it to his father, ex-girlfriend and neighbor.

Hoyt said he used to pour wine for Boehner often and could have easily poisoned his drink, but didn’t, special agents said.

He said no one checked the drinks he poured for Boehner, and it would have been “very easy to slip something in,” according to Desrosiers.

Hoyt also told agents he imagined a scenario where he confronted Boehner about Ebola in front of one of the sports stadiums in downtown Cincinnati. He said he wanted large crowds to be present.

Now, the sadly appropriate snarky response:



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