Pix of the Day: Dec. 31, 2014 (Special ‘It Was Twenty Years Ago Tonight’ Edition)

20141231 - 01

Rarely do I have cause to say much about country music here (well, at least country music produced after 1980.)

This is an exception.

Pictured above is Doug Supernaw, a guy who had a few hits in the early 1990s and, from what I’ve read, has been plagued in recent years with mental health issues.

On New Year’s Eve 1994, however, he and his band were tapped to be the postgame entertainment following the hockey game between the (now defunct, but then brand new) Houston Aeros and the Chicago Wolves at Houston’s Summit.

20141231 - 02

Despite not having anything else to do from the end of the game until midnight, I was leery about hanging around for the concert because, well, the prospect of an arena full of drunk country fans on New Year’s Eve seemed a bit…



However, soon after he took the stage, Supernaw acknowledged something that I hadn’t taken into consideration: Despite being in Houston, it was a hockey game after all and there were probably almost as many people there who weren’t into country music as there were people who actually then knew what his hit records were.  So, he immediately assured everyone that he and the other musicians could play music other than 1990s country.

And they did.

Hip-hop was left out, but almost everything else from hard rock to Motown found its way into the act – and he even brought out one of the Aeros (I forget which, though I think he was a goalie) who had some music background to sit in on drums for a rendition of the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” (it was the Aero’s choice; I do recall Supernaw snarking something to the effect of ‘You damn hockey players! All you know is rock!)  In short, try to imagine a (good) bar band playing to a diverse crowd of over 15,000.

All in all…

I’ve had worse New Year’s Eves.

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